Tea from Herbadom.com

What are the benefits?

Welcome to HERBADOM, your one-stop shop for all things tea and herbs! Our store offers a wide variety of high-quality loose-leaf teas sourced from around the world, including black, green, rooibos, and herbal/tisane teas. We are committed to providing our customers with the freshest and most flavourful teas, as well as accessories and sweats to enhance your tea-drinking experience. We also provide an extensive range of high-quality tinctures.

"Zip" packaging is an ecological packaging in high-quality recyclable natural paper bag is coated on the inside with foil to keep it fresh and as large as possible amount of essences found in the tea.

  • Petra Woolmer
    I suffered from PMS since giving birth to my second child. Feminan tincture has been a little miracle and helped me to navigate each month without any painkillers or mood swings. I wish I knew about it earlier.
    Petra Woolmer
  • Ivca Rehulkova
    Delicious and really high-quality teas from Katka became my favorite daily treat. Tinctures have a pleasant taste and do exactly what is required. would definitely recommend it.
    Ivca Rehulkova
  • Petra Petrenkova
    I love that moment in the evening when the house is silent and I can enjoy a nice cup of tea. I don't know which one is the best, because each tea from you is full of taste and you can clearly see how amazing they are. That smell is magical. Also tincture for my partner we bought the Lymfavit and after one week he can feel a big difference so thank you so much. We will buy it again and again and if you think, its just tea, let's try it before because any tea you will taste, you will feel that there is something special about it.
    Petra Petrenkova
  • Maria Jendzelovska
    i love the teas and the tinctures from Katka. Thanks to it I am no longer on the medication, which I had to take because of my back pain problems. Also helping with the breathing troubles for my son. These products are amazing! Thank you, Katka for being here for us.
    Maria Jendzelovska
  • Lucie Lomberska
    Amazing service! Amazing products! Once you buy it you never look back as these products work! Thank you!
    Lucie Lomberska
  • Michaela Domini
    I became a tea drinker thanks to these teas. The orange Roiboos are my absolute favorite.
    Michaela Domini
  • Lea Leonides
    I was impressed with the use of the new products for detoxication and health purposes. My body is cleansed of harmful toxins and full of energy. Katka is a wonderful woman who is happy to advise and help you to choose the right product. Each of her products is beautifully packaged with a little surprise. I highly recommend this company and look forward to new products in the future. Best wishes
    Lea Leonides
  • Zuzana Stastna
    I had the pleasure to taste loads of teas from Herbadom. I enjoyed them all. I can't imagine a day without tea now. I am absolutely addicted to them. My favourites are Pistachio and Marzipan, which is like drinking delicious marzipan cakes. Black tea Blue lady smells and tastes amazing, and most of all Rose Keemun black tea smells and tastes like a summer rose garden, where you want to be and relax after a hard day at work. You can have it now, with this tea every day.
    Zuzana Stastna
  • Alena Komarcova
    High-quality teas, I wasn't too keen on green tea, but love this one, and Evening rooibos is delicious. I tried a few tinctures as well and Feminam or Klimakten are life savers for any women who struggle with PMS or hormonal imbalance. Katka is super helpful and her knowledge is spot on. Fast delivery, well packaged, and extra treats with every order. Highly recommended!
    Alena Komarcova