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The tincture is made from living plants, macerated immediately after their harvest, and has both the highest possible content of active substances and the bio-energy of the living fresh plant itself. The full taste of the herbs and the colour of the extract testify the high quality of this macerate. This tincture is therefore unique, as evidenced by the positive experience and great user satisfaction. The origin of all harvested herbs is exclusively from ecologically clean areas. The basic principle of the preparation of extracts consists in processing the herb immediately after tearing off. Unlike classical homeopathy, herbs are not ground or dried before immersing into the extracting agent. Each herb, after plucking, retains its vital energy for some time and, if the conditions are right, is able to take its roots again and continue its life. If the plant is damaged, it will disrupt its vital energy and it will die much faster. The potion is processed from whole plants and their parts harvested at the top of their growing season at the most suitable time of the day. Their energetic activity as well as the effect itself is thus much higher. In the first phase of the maceration, we obtain from the plant its healing power and in the second phase its active substances. This processing brings a huge advantage over the classical herbal processing of dry plants, in which many active substances are altered, both by oxidation during drying, by incorrect drying process and by the presence of ballast substances which may contain heavy metals and herbicides in addition to molds. In case of our fresh herb processing process, the presence of ballast substances is five times lower.